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At UMD, I am advised by Dr. Amanda Lazar, who specializes in critical research towards making widely implemented and future technologies inclusive for digitally minoritized groups (e.g. older adults). I am a member of Dr. Lazar's lab (The Health, Aging & Technology Lab), the Human Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) and the TRACE R&D center, all of which have conducted seminal work in computing, HCI and accessibility theory. 

Prior to my doctoral studies, I worked with Dr. Robin Brewer at the University of Michigan's iSchool, an expert in accessibility research exploring the intersections of social computing and digital access. Before that at DePaul University, I worked with Dr. Sheena Erete & Dr. Denise Nacu, who conduct incredibly creative research at the intersections of design, technology, and social computing towards equitable learning and supporting related socio-technical infrastructures. 


Prior to this, I completed a Masters in Human Computer Interaction (research focus) at DePaul University, Chicago, and a Bachelors in Design at NIFT, India (changing my career path post 4 years of working as a designer). 


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